Podcast Recording

Last month we played host to a round table gathering of great marketing minds who formed in our studio to record a 10 year anniversary episode of their podcast.

We welcomed back the ‘Digital Marketing Podcast’ team – Dan and Ciaran from Target Internet who use PA Studio to batch record several topics in a day. And they were joined on this big occasion by Sitevisibility’s ‘Internet Marketing Podcast’ team who’s birthday they were celebrating.

With such comprehensive acoustic treatment, the rooms at PA Studio are a great place to record your podcast or spoken word recording.

I understand that for this podcast recording, the guys simply used a portable Zoom H6 field recorder making it a very simple and straight forward process.


This meant they could focus on the meat of their discussions and if you’d like to hear what that sounds like you can visit their website

Or download the podcast on iTunes

If you’re interested in using our Brighton studio to record your podcasts, don’t hesitate to call on 01273 422250 or Email

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